Daniela Simina

Yoga Instructor

Yoga teacher 500 E-RYT, YACEP, Reiki Master, teacher and practitioner of Bioenergetic Healing, Plant Energetic Medicine & Spiritual Herbalism, and Crystal Healing. Daniela’s approach to teaching is grounded in the synergy between modern science and ancient wisdom. She writes, teaches courses, classes and workshops on various modalities of energetic healing, yoga, and esoteric subjects. Her quest is to empower others to get in charge of their wellbeing, and fulfill personal potential by awakening to the enchantment of natural energies. Whether in class settings or in private sessions, Daniela combines elements from different modalities to approach each person specifically, with awareness and respect for the individual uniqueness of each living being.

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and on Blogspot at https://whispersinthetwilight.blogspot.com/2021/08/

What do I teach:

Classes:   Yoga-Pilates Fusion

Basic Yoga

Gentle Yoga

Chair Yoga

All-levels Yoga

Workshops and courses:  ChairYoga workshops for yoga teachers who seek

training in how to teach chair yoga, or otherwise incorporate chair yoga within classes or private sessions. The workshop material is based on AnyChair Yoga book (very basic), and the AnyChair Yoga DVD (offers one gentle practice, and a challenging one). CEU for Yoga Alliance available. (approx. 4 hours) The Body as a Sacred Vessel, a workshop for students of all ability levels. The practice consists of asana, mudras, pranayama, mediation techniques which include visualization and mindfulness. The purpose is to balance the physical body and the energetic substrate, to create a strong foundation for wellbeing and personal growth. Brief, but thorough theory snippets intertwine with the practical aspects, to explain relationships between chakras, auric field, basic energetic constituents/elements of earth, air, fire, water, and the human body. (approx. 3 hours) [This workshop can be extended into a weekend-long retreat] Chakras: Crystal-Clear! An all level practice for those intrigued about crystals and interested to combine these with yoga techniques. The practice consists of a brief yet compelling explanation about how and in what context crystals can influence the the energetic field. The following practice will guide participants to use actual crystals to balance chakras. Pouch with 8 crystals isincluded in the cost of the class. (approx. 4 hrs)

[This workshop can be extended into a weekend-long retreat]

Reiki certification course Level 1. Self-healing and working on another person in close proximity. (The receiver of the reiki session is in the room with the practitioner.

Level 1 attunement and certificate)

Level 2. Applying reiki remotely. (The receiver of the reiki intervention is not in the same room with the. practitioner; al so reiki applications for various other outcomes and situations. Intro to symbols. Level 2 attunement and certificate)

Level 3. Master Level. Becoming proficient and learning how to perform attunements.

(Master symbol, advanced meditation techniques specific for reiki practitioners,

advance applications of reiki. Master Level attunement, and certificate)

*Each level receives a certificate, and a course manual- included in the price. 6 hours/level. Levels 1 and 2 can be done one week apart. Level 3, six months after Level 2.

Reiki specialty courses: Crystals Reiki (5 hrs. Level 2 prerequisite. Certificate and manual included in price) Reiki for Animals (5 hrs. Level 2 prerequisite. certificate and manual included in price.)