How can Yoga help?

Written by Veronica Rockwitz There is no doubt we are living in a strange time…especially as of late. It’s a time that can cause serious personal stress for all of us. It’s the seeming lack of control that can drive it. For me, there is stress from financial uncertainty that comes with not working my […]

Gratitude as a Practice

Written by Alison Gurevich 542 days ago I began a gratitude practice. I write down 10 things I am grateful for, and it’s usually the last thing I do before I go to sleep. Everyday. I am on my third journal – that’s 5,420 things I’ve taken the time to write down my gratitude for. […]

Overfunctioning, Underfunctioning, and the Search for Balance

Written By Alison Gurevich In the last year I discovered the work of Dr. Brene Brown. It feels odd to use her full name and title because in my head we are good friends. Her research is fascinating and the hours we’ve spent with her speaking directly to me (okay, fine – they were audio […]

Growth and Personal Breakthroughs On and Off the Mat

Written By Jackie Reckson We always talk about our yoga practice as a metaphor for how we live our lives off our mats. How can we take the lessons learned on our mats and practice them in our everyday lives? I found this quote by Marissa Mayer, Businesswoman… “I always did something I was a […]

Making Space for New Ideas

Written by Alison Gurevich Over the weekend I painted a room so we could move the office in there from the room just down the hall. Just one year ago I painted the first room our agreed upon office color and we sort of moved everything in. But we never really moved into the space. […]