Jenni Gruher

Yoga Instructor

Yoga simply began as a physical workout for me. I kept coming back to the mat because my body was getting stronger.  The more I felt and experienced the inner journey and the mind-body-spirit union that yoga offers, the more I was able to understand how transformative this practice is.

I completed my 200 hr. YTT training with Dorje Yoga. I also combined my love and passion for kids and yoga and became a certified kids yoga teacher through Kidding Around Yoga. My intention through each class adults and kids alike is to leave my students feeling inspired and empowered, and full of gratitude, peace, calm, love, joy, connection, balance, and fun! This practice has so much healing and love to offer if you are open to receiving it. I am reminded through yoga to live life in the present, mindfully, one breath at a time.