Veronica Rockwitz

Yoga Instructor

Veronica was introduced to yoga in 1991 as a college student searching for a means to handle stress in her life.  Inspired by Rolf Sovik while studying at the Himalayan Institute in Buffalo, New York, she fell in love with it, which planted the seed for her 25 year yoga journey.  While living in New Jersey, Veronica was fortunate to find her mentor, Delia Quigley, founder of StillPoint Schoolhouse, who challenged her to transform her passion into teaching.  It was after her move to Atlanta where she was able to study with her mentors, Graham Fowler and Elizabeth (Nix) Smith, at Peachtree Yoga Center where she completed her 200 RYT training.  

As a teacher since 2007, Veronica incorporates multiple yoga disciplines into her classes with the intention of creating a warm, caring environment where she shares her enthusiasm and compassion with students of all levels.  She truly believes that yoga is the foundation for a balanced lifestyle which can open one to life’s infinite possibilities.    

Veronica is married, the mother of two, and is grateful for her wonderful family.  She has also been a Dental Hygienist since 1995 and a Dental consultant since 2015. Veronica’s experience as a healthcare professional contributes to her understanding of whole-body health that she is able to share with her students.