Yoga Retreat
Puerto Rico

Yoga Retreat Puerto Rico

3rd - 9th of March

Puerto Rico is known for its colorful colonial charisma and rich history, its impressive nature, like the tropical rain forest gem, El Yunque, for its largest fort, Castillo de San Cristobál, the beautiful beaches, tasty food, warm hospitality and very friendly and expressive people!
We will be staying in a beautiful tranquil villa close to the capital of San Juan. Private rooms are available, but there is also the option of sharing a room with 2 and up to 4 people.

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Additional fees to cover the following are $1.725 p/p

Vistamar Villa

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Dr. Rishi

Dr. Rishi is native to Puerto Rico,
Doctor in Chiropractic that evolved into utilizing consciousness as a guide for health, healing, and revitalization of all the systems that make up out being. He utilizes a 360 degree + 12Dimensional approach to health.

Surfer, Nature enthusiast, who finds great joy in reconnecting with his roots, for the discovery of all inherent potentials of healing stored in our being. Avid seeker of the deep truths in the efforts of bringing the optimal lifestyle to everyone that would receive it.

Meditation teacher, breath work guide, and experienced traveler of the realm, will help you discover your innate state of your true being for your own experience of growth to the unlimited potential we all carry.

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Dr.Rishi +1787-222-0565
WhatsApp available!
WhatsApp available

Marie Anne Cassee

Marie-Anne, a Dutch citizen, resident of the US for over 20 years and a native of Amsterdam, has traveled the world extensively.
She became a yoga teacher and yoga therapist and has practiced for many years. She used to be a nurse and over time she developed a love and strong sense for a holistic approach to body and mind.
The true foundation of living a healthy life is easier than you might think. She loves to share the knowledge she gained in all these yoga years and after her husband’s demise. Some simple things she did not even realize for quite some time, actually improved her own overall health tremendously.
Improving aches and pains, therapy for injuries and post surgery, longevity and even age reversal became her focus. Feeling full of energy and strength, looking younger than you actually are, is something we can achieve if we put in the effort.
Curious? Join us on this yoga retreat, she will collaborate with Dr. Rishi, who also transformed her life with his spiritual knowledge and powerful approach to transform body and mind.

We will offer you a new and different approach to life, in a beautiful setting, with tours guided by Dr. Rishi who has been a local of Puerto Rico since birth, but who also used to live and study in Atlanta GA for several years.

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Marie-Anne +1404-729-2544
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Yoga Retreat
Puerto Rico

(Flights and airport transfers are not included)

Additional fees to cover the following are $1.725 p/p

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